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Affiliate Program

We believe everyone should benefit from our system from professional marketers to individuals.
You do not have to have an active 'paid' subscription in order to leverage the affiliate program.
Our affiliate members can earn additional income by referrals that deliver paid subscriptions on our site.

Steps to Earning

Signup for a free trial so you are registered on our system. No payment details are required.

Access to the affiliate links and marketing material are available from the online account once signed in.
Promote our site to your community or friends by embbedding our promotional ads on your website.

Individuals can simply email our affiliate link to friends.
Receive a monthly payment based on referral subscription volume


Individuals can chose to have a discount applied to their monthly subscription if applicable.

Basic Referral Rates

Subscription VolumeReferral RateAffiliate Profit
Below £100015%Up to £150
Between £1000 and £200020%Up to £400
Between £2000 and £450025%Up to £1125
Above £450030%From £1350

Contact us for more information regarding customising rates based on volume referrals.

Example 1 : Forum or Professional Marketer

Based on a subscription volume of £3500 a month, you will receive payment of £875 (£3500 * 25%).

Example 2 : Individual

As a subscriber, if the subscription volume is less than £50, the referral fee can instead contribute to discounts on your monthly subscription. If the subscription volume is greater than £50, we can process a payment to you.

The terms and conditions for the Affiliate Program are also covered in our general terms and conditions which you must agree to on signup.