rational.bet brings expertise from city financial professionals to the sports trader. Use rational.bet for sports arbitrage to make the rational bet and win! Our arbitrage tool is powerful, intuitive and flexible. Trade our simple pre-calculated arbitrage solutions or skew profits towards outcomes you believe are more likely.

Arbitrage is accessible to everyone

Not just City traders

Premier arbitrage information service

We identify thousands of arbitrage opportunities in multiple sports across 80 countries and 77 bookmakers.


Whether your'e already a seasoned sports trader, financial day trader looking at new assets or complete newbie, our tutorials move from the basics to advanced trade management in a clear and intuitive step-by-step guide.

Trade visualisation & customization

Our intuitive design allows you to instantly visualise the possible profit cash flows of an arbitrage trade for every outcome of the sporting event, thereby significantly reducing the learning curve. In addition, our software allows you to speculate a little within the arbitrage by enabling you to skew the profit towards outcomes you believe to be the most probable, whilst remaining secure in the knowledge that other outcomes will at least return your original total notional.

Automatic link to bookmakers

Once you have chosen your arbitrage trade, our software will automatically link each leg of the trade to the associated bookmaker web page so that you can place the trade in seconds.

Cross Platform

Our application runs natively on your desktop be it Windows or Mac OS. For Mac OS, there is no need for any virtualisation tools.

Automatic refresh

With auto refresh option enabled, you see changes to the arb landscape as they happen.


Create alert filters easily based on bookies, markets, participants and profit ranges - helping you to identify arbs you want to trade to reach your objectives.